Why Choose Us?

Even if you don’t have a financial background, chances are that you have heard about the financial markets at some point. After all, whether it is the stock, forex and more recently, the crypto market, they have all made headlines for one reason or the other. There are great fortunes that have already been and can still be made here and online brokers play a vital role in this process. They are the ones that give traders access to these markets without having to go anywhere. But, the capabilities of each company vary and this CTmatador review can give you details about this broker’s offerings.

Why do you need to know them? It is because these services will have a huge impact on your online trading experience and also on your bottom line. Therefore, it is best not to take chances and risk your investment by opting for a broker without knowing their capabilities. Founded in London, United Kingdom, CTmatador offers CFD trading services to global clients. You can learn more about its features and services below:

CTmatador – The Asset Choices

Perhaps, the most important feature of the broker you need to know about before anything else, is the asset choices they offer. What markets can you trade in at CTmatador? It is important to know because this will tell you whether you can make the kind of returns you want. No two instruments can offer the same profitability and neither do they have the same risks. The appealing thing about CTmatador is that their asset choices are spread across various markets, such as forex, commodities, indices, stocks, cryptocurrency and bonds. Not only are they some of the biggest markets in the world, but it also gives you the chance to diversify your portfolio, which can keep your risks to a minimum.

CTmatador- The Trading Platform

The primary feature that a broker offers to traders is the trading platform, which is the actual software that unlocks the doors of the financial markets. It is what you use for executing your trades and provides the trading tools used during the process. Suffice it to say, it is integral to your success and this is where CTmatador’s trading platform is very appealing. They are offering the MetaTrader to their clients, which is considered the industry standard, due to its cutting-edge technology and feature-rich interface. Moreover, the platform is easy for anyone to navigate, whether they are new or experienced. You can also find a horde of trading tools, like graphs and charts, price alerts, trading signals, calculators, and risk management tools.

CTmatador- The Registration Process

Since registration is expected when you are using an online service, most traders are apprehensive about what they will be required to do for doing so. The good thing about CTmatador is that the registration process is quick and simple; it doesn’t take you more than a few minutes and comprises of just a single form on the website that has to be filled. You have to enter your name, email address and password, phone number, citizenship, creative label and beneficiary details.

CTmatador- The Account Options

After you have registered on the platform, you have to open an account and there are two options that CTmatador has put together. These include an account for newcomers called risk-free demo account that uses virtual currency to help them practice their trading.

They can practice their trading strategies without putting their hard-earned money at risk. It offers negative balance protection, 24/7 customer support, competitive pricing, education, analysis and news. The second is for experienced traders and is called a live trading account, which comes with priority service and a relationship manager, along with the features of the other account.

Final Word

The high-end security measures of CTmatador, along with their educational resources and guidance and the excellent support they offer, make it a go-to option for anyone who wants to tap into the opportunities of the financial markets.